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With its unique concept of discovering and nurturing talented women to become future stars in the global entertainment industry, it has launched the careers of its notable winners throughout the world. In June 2015, under the ownership of CrownTown Management, Miss Globe is set to be the next generation of pageants, talent, and modeling. With numerous affiliates in talent management, talent, and advertising agencies, the finalists are given extensive training, significant exposure, and unique opportunities. Young women of all nationalities from all over the world, who have their sights firmly set on superstardom are supported by an international network. The Miss Globe Organization owns and manages this World Finals Incorporation as a privately held firm.Miss Globe is a yearly pageant-style modeling competition held by CrownTown talent management group of Toronto, Canada. A departure from the traditional beauty queen pageants, like Miss Universe or Miss World, Miss Globe has its sights firmly set on superstars; film stars, pop icons, spokesmodels, and supermodels. 


DATES: March 23, 2019

LOCATION: ChiArts Auditorium, 2714 W Augusta Blvd, Chicago, IL 60622

DOORS OPEN: 6:30pm

AREAS OF COMPETITION: Evening Gown, Athletic Wear, Interview/Introduction


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements?

Women ages 13-18(TEEN) / 17-30 (MISS) as of November 30th. US resident. Of good & moral character. Never given birth, cannot be pregnant or be a parent. 

Do I have to have prior modeling experience? 

No.  Guidance is provided as well as opportunities to receive coaching and training. 

Do I have to be a certain height or size to participate? 

No. There are no height, size or weight  requirements. 

Is there a fee to enter?

Yes, there is a registration fee required by all contestants. Scholarships are available for participation. 

What is a Globe Scout? 

Globe scouts are contracted to recruit qualified participants for the search. Scouts are provided with paperwork and the ability to provide scholarships and special offers.

What is a local title and how are they distributed? 

If selected, applicants have an opportunity to represent their area by signing up for our Local Queen Program. 


Step 1: Complete the online application

Step 2: Audition & Register in person at an open call

Step 3: Attend Orientation

Step 4: Participate in the Illinois Finals 

Enter the next Pageant and Model Search!

No experience necessary!